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Bed Breakfast Seashells guest house Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,UK
Seashells Guest House
bed breakfast great yarmouth
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Happiness is running a guest house in great Yarmouth and living by the seaside. Most guests are pretty good, polite clean and well behaved, but there are always some that can be trouble. Mind you I have only had two so far I love people thatís why I enjoy running a guest house and great Yarmouth is a seaside town that I discovered about 17 years ago and I loved it then and still do.

Tourism is still great and the summer months still brings lots if visitors and tourists while the winter months bring contractors, and of course there are still the odd tourist who like to stay here though its cold there is still a lot of life in great Yarmouth and still lots to do. After less than a year of running we have regular guest come back it must be our super king size beds. Our home has had some ups and downs like boys leaving a tap on in a bedroom and water pouring though the dining room ceiling... accidents do happen.

One of our regular guest singing to others at breakfast quite entertaining. Going to bingo with the guests they always seem to win. We also listen to what our guests have to say and things to improve their stay like one said about shelves in the shower room, so next day that was done and another time putting hooks on the doors for coats ect that was done the next day. Many guest leave presents and thank you cards at the end of their stay and I feel real proud to receive these it makes it all worth while.

The future for my Guest house here in great Yarmouth will hopefully bring me friends old and new and job satisfaction plus of course money. I called my home Seashells as to me it sums up the seaside and I have a theme in the dining room, nautical with lots of boats and ornaments. I love the seaside and would not want to be anywhere else. . I also hope that next year will bring me gradings that is as soon as we have finished renovating the place. Mostly our home brings middle aged and older couples to stay, though we do cater for children over the age of five and we have had a few families.

I enjoy running the seashells guest house though sometimes it not easy and it can be hard work people coming and going, making beds and cooking breakfast even cleaning toilets and showers The worst thing is the washing and ironing getting up at 6am every morning to catch up on work can be tiring but worth it at the end. We cater for all types of holiday makers weekly holidays, short breaks, weekends or even one night stays I even had one guest who stayed two hours but they still paid. Hopefully we will be here for many years to come and maybe buy another guest house in great Yarmouth to be run on the same standard as this one.