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Seashells guest house Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,UK
Seashells Guest House
guest house great yarmouth
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Running a guest house does not leave you much time to pursue other interest but I always manage to find time to catch up on reading as I enjoy a good book by Stephen king or dean kootz. I also enjoy the odd game of bingo and it gives me a break away from working. Once a month I go to a meeting for guest home and hotel owners just to catch up on the latest gossip.

We do have time for a holiday at least once a year but this has to be taken out of season but not at Christmas as that is my time and the guest house is all done up with lights outside and in a large tree goes in front of the dining room window and the house is lit up like Blackpool illuminations. We also go away for the odd short break away from great Yarmouth usually visiting people like family maybe Swindon or London sometimes to other seaside towns.

We stay in guest houses usually so that I can compare theirs to mine and maybe pick up some good ideas from them, If I had to choose a hobby it would be my home I love looking for knick knacks to make the place look better and more inviting, I like lights in the windows so it catches visitors eyes. I enjoy decorating and I am always thinking of new colour schemes for the future. When we decorated this home I would choose the covers and pillowcases first and then the paint to match the covers followed by matching colour borders and I found a lot of enjoyment in that.

When we go away I always like to pick up something for the guest house maybe a plate of where we have been I have lots of them or ornaments to go into the dining room though we are running out of space to add any more. At this moment in time we are doing the house out for Christmas and I am buying table clothes and napkins in a Christmas theme but it has to be blue or cream colour. Though I might put green and red instead and hopefully it will match the blue walls. In the spring we will be looking at flowers and plants to add to the spring bulbs that we have planted. I also enjoy walking on the beach with my dog skipper who is a jack Russell we go down to the sea and watch the waves usually first thing in the morning and again early evening just as the sun is going down it is a lovely sight in the moonlight as well. Other things that I like are talking to people and meeting new faces my boy says I could talk for England but then so can he.

I enjoy making things like brochures and flyers or even designing cards on my computer when I have the time usually late at night when everybody is asleep mind you my partner has a moan when itís to late. My favourite pastime is walking round the shops even if itís just looking and not buying anything in the summer months I do not get a lot of time for this but come the winter I wrap up and can sometimes take my time browsing.